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Statement on the so-called “Armenian genocide”

Statement on the so-called “Armenian genocide”

Trudeau made the statement on the so-called “Armenian genocide” and FCTA reacted.





By in fact fulfilling that was proclaimed by Mr. Stephen Harper of Conservative power in 2006, the recognition as “genocide” of the events of 1915 in Anatolia during the First World War, Prime Minister Trudeau of Liberal power continues as well.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in qualifying the tragic events of the war as “genocide” and issued the following statement:


“Today on Armenian Genocide Memorial Day, we join Armenian communities in Canada and around the world to remember those who lost their lives and who suffered from the senseless acts wrought upon the Armenian people. We also honour their descendants and all those who continue to live with the pain, trauma, and loss from this tragedy.


“The Armenian genocide showed the world the unconscionable cost of division, exclusion, and hatred. Canada vigorously opposes and condemns hate, intolerance, and xenophobia. Today, we reaffirm our commitment to the fundamental rights and dignity of all human beings, and commit to continue working with our partners to make sure atrocities like these never happen again.


“We continue to be inspired by the strength and spirit of the Armenian people in the face of unimaginable hardship, and look forward with hope to a more peaceful, just tomorrow.


“On this sombre anniversary, I invite all Canadians to pause to remember the victims and those who survived the horrors of the Armenian genocide. We will continue to honour them by fighting hate, protecting the most vulnerable, and working to make our world a better one.”



However, The Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations (FCTA) and Turkic Assembly of Canada (TAC) reacted strongly and issued the following statement on the events of 1915:


“The tragic battles and unfortunate events of WWI, remind us of the senseless loss of human life and the tragedies of war on all sides. The Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations sorrowfully remembers the collective human sufferings lived by the Turkish, Armenian and all Ottoman citizens.


FCTA expresses grave concern for the continuously politicized 1915 string of events. The introduction of Private Bill in 2004 and annual April 24th proclamations, all falsely claiming, that the Ottoman Turks implemented a systemic genocide against the Armenians which does not have anything to do with any competent court meted genocide. Bill M-380 was unjustly pushed into acceptance by Armenian descendant MPs to leverage on their historical perspective of events, to fulfill their manipulative lobbying efforts and was endorsed by political parties to gain Armenian votes. As contributing members of Canadian society, we feel our Government has taken on a prejudicial view of the tragic events of 1915. The allegations of hateful and effectively powerful Armenian diaspora continue to threaten Canadians of Turkish heritage, harm relations between Canada-Turkey, a long time NATO ally and an integral part of the G-20.


‘Genocide’ is a legal term


‘Genocide’ is a legal term according to the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 6 of the Convention, which stipulates that persons charged with genocide, should be judged forth by a competent tribunal. To date, there has NOT been a verdict by any International Tribunal that agrees with the Armenian claims of genocide. The only such attempt was made by the British after the invasion of Istanbul during the WWI (when they had full access to all the archives), which dismissed the allegations. The European Court on Human Rights (ECHR), in its 2013 and 2015 rulings noted that Armenian claims are even disputed among the scholars, and hence not an established fact. France’s Constitutional Council affirmed in its ruling on January 08, 2016 that an event cannot be considered genocide unless established in a competent Court of Law.


The FCTA would like to emphasize that Canadian Turks are open to dialogue in order to create friendship from a common history rather than hostility. The FCTA urges that Armenia reform their constitution and recognize the Republic of Turkey’s borders and its territorial integrity. It is with these efforts that dialogue between the Republic of Turkey and Armenia can once again resume and continue to improve by opening the borders, normalizing the diplomatic, cultural and economic relations between the two nations. Armenian Turks are a full part of Turkish society in every aspects of life, enjoying the rights and freedom which exists in the Republic of Turkey just as its predecessor the Ottomans.


The FCTA believes that the reputation of the Canadian-Turkish Community has been harmed and that our great Ottoman legacy of tolerance and autonomy for all peoples has been smeared by our own Canadian parliamentarians. The Private Bill is damaging to the Canadian parliament in deceiving the public who are unaware of the Armenian allegations even though the 1948 UN Convention debunks such claims. Therefore, the FCTA respectfully protests the passage of the Bill and any implementation thereof, as well as requests repealing of M-380 and removal of fabricated history from our educational system.


‘Peace at Home, Peace Abroad.’

– President Kemal Ataturk, Founder of the Republic of Turkey”



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Notre Anatolie / Bizim Anadolu / April 25th, 2021


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