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A Second Mass Suicide

The Turks, whose genes have been modified in two decades, worshipping “power”, preferred to keep Erdoğan at the head of a devastated country for another five years: RTE 52.16% against KK 47.84%.

The first page of Bizim Anadolu, 20 years ago.

The manipulation that was played twenty-one years ago was repeated, but this time instead of lecturing politicians, Turkish voters insisted on Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for “stability”, despite inflation exceeding 100 % .

While politicians, opinion pollsters and political scientists try to find out the reason for these results, the immutable reality, which the Republic continues to be betrayed; and in a country that has become a haven for criminals, the imperialist project to reorganize Turkey and the region (the Greater Broader Project of the Middle East) by the hand of Erdoğan continues at full speed.

While assessing the good or bad of the opposition’s reservations and strategies, for now, the bottom line is as follows;

Mass suicide renewed:

Erdoğan: 52.16 %, Kılıçdaroğlu: 47.84 %


The war and the struggle to take back the Republic of Turkey, which will live forever, continues…

Hopes are under the snow!

Bizim Anadolu / Our Anatolia / May 29, 2023

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