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Two nominations for Levantine Rhapsody

Nomination for two awards: Levantine Rhapsody

Didem Başar’s “Levantine Rhapsody” was nominated for two awards.





ADISQ Award nominee


Didem Başar’s “Levantine Rhapsody” album, which was released on Analekta at the beginning of last year, was nominated for ADISQ and 24th Prix Opus, the prestigious music awards of Quebec.

For the ‘Levantine Rhapsody’ album, which was published in early 2020, Didem Başar organized a lunch event with an online concert last September.





‘Levantine Rhapsody’s lunch event was held in September with an online concert.



About her new album ‘Levantine Rhapsody’, Didem Başar said:


“My album Levantine Rhapsody was released in February last year under the Analekta label. I tried to create a harmony between classical western music and my own instrument in my compositions that I composed for qanun, flute, violin, cello and percussion, and to enrich my music by using improvisations, Turkish music makam and styles. With my group, we promoted our album online in September, which I planned to do in April but had to be postponed for certain reasons. Levantine Rhapsody was nominated for “Album of the Year” in the World Music category by ADISQ (Association québécoise de l’industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la vidéo) at the beginning of last October. Soon after, the second nomination came from Gala des Prix Opus 24 in the same category.”



Kanun Master Didem Başar



Who is Didem Başar?


Master kanun artist Didem Başar, whose album Levantine Rhapsody was nominated for two separate awards in the “World Music” category, studied at the Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory. Didem Başar, who has a master’s degree on Mevlevi Music at Marmara University, has taught music at various universities. Didem Başar, a master kanun who settled in Montreal in 2007, made music with artists from different parts of the world in different music groups and appeared at different music festivals around the world.


Didem Başar, who also gives music education to children and adults at the Centre des musiciens du monde de Montreal, continues to make music in the Constantinople music group and meet with different artists on his journey to the world music universe.


The album “Levantine Rhapsody“, composed and directed by Didem Başar, was accompanied by Guy Pelletier on flute and bass flute, Brigitte Dajczer on violin, Noémy Braun on cello and Patrick Graham on percussion.



Levantine Rhapsody album.



The album includes the following songs:


Devr-i Raksan, Méduse, Bird Song, Rast Peşrev, Cry, Riddle, Lunenburg, Kanun Solo, 5 to 7.



To listen to Levantine Rhapsody online:


For the live concert of Levantine Rhapsody’ lunch, you can use the link:


The 24th Prix Opus Gala will be held online on February 7 from 16:00.


For information:

The Prix Opus Gala will take place online on February 7th.



Bizim Anadolu / Februray 01st, 2021


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