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May 19th Youth Parade in Toronto

May 19th Youth Parade in Toronto

The Turkish Community in Toronto organizes a Youth Parade May 19th (this Sunday), for the commemoration of the beginning of Independence War by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1919.


Organized by the Canada Fenerbahçe Supporters Association and supported by different Turkish Community’s NGO including the Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations (FCTA), the Youth Parade will start Sunday, May 19th, at 2:00 pm in the corner of Young&College Streets and will finish at the City Hall.


For the occasion a Press Release distributed in which the people called to participate:

“Date/Time: 19 May 2019, Sunday, 14:00pm

Starts at College/Yonge Corner to City Hall,

Contact: Mehmet Ökem, 416 455 1907


19 May 1919 is the Start of the Turkish resistance against invading great powers and their proxies in Anatolia by Ataturk, marking the beginning of Colonialism Era’s end.

We, Turkish community in Canada, commemorate the landing of Atatürk to Samsun, a Black Sea town of Anatolia that was occupied by the great powers of the time as a violation of Wilson Principles, a hundred years ago, in a bid to start the Turkish Independence resistance on behalf of all the suppressed nations, eventually bringing an end to the colonialism era by defeating these powers and their proxies after a long and heroic struggle.


Turkish Youth Parade in Toronto.


Ataturk started this legendary resistance to lead to victory with his historic motto against then undefeated great powers and their proxies: “Independence or death”.

To emphasize the importance of May 19, 1919 for Turkish History, years later Ataturk proclaimed “I was born on this day, May 19”.

After Ottoman Empire signed the humiliating Sevres Treaty at the end of WWI, despite the Gallipolli Victory against Allied Forces, Turks decided to rise up and rewrite the Turkish and World History by nullifying it and dictating the new and better Lausanne Treaty on great powers.

For Ataturk dedicated May 19th to Turkish youth, Turks celebrate this day as beginning of the Youth and Sports Festival day each year since then. Ataturk famously said, “Ow Turkish youth! Your first and foremost duty shall be to protect Turkish Independence and its symbol, the Turkish Republic, forever.”

We are proud of remembering and commemorating this very important and historic day. Please join us and share our pride on this very important centennial event.


The Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations (FCTA)

Turkic Assembly of Canada (TAC)

Turkish Federation Community Foundation”












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