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Federal MP Lambropoulos: ‘The Turks are enemies!’

Federal MP Lambropoulos: ‘The Turks are enemies!’

The MP Emmanuella Lambropoulos has treated the Turks as “enemies”.





Invited by a group of the Armenian community on November 1st in front of City of Saint-Laurent to a demonstration, Mrs. Emmanuella Lambropoulos, the Member of Parliament for Saint-Laurent in the Federal Parliament gave a speech.


Madame Lambropoulos, forgetting that she is a citizen of Canada and a member of the Canadian Parliament, she said, “As a Greek …” … and treated the Turks as enemies, “I know what is, sometimes comes, enemies who are much stronger and bigger … “


Hearing the speeches that Madame Lambropoulos made to members of the Armenian community of Montreal in front of City of Saint-Laurent, members of the Turkish community asked the question : “Is Mrs Lambropoulos targeting us and taking her weapons, and she wants to go to war against the Turks?”


Lambropoulos gave her scandalous speech in front of City of Saint-Laurent to members of the Armenian community.





Members of the Turkish community who prefer to remain anonymous followed:

“Mrs Lambropoulos’ comments are unacceptable. We are Canadian citizens like any other who have the right to live in harmony with everyone without being attacked. If a fanatic of the Armenian community attacks us one day, after hearing her speeches, what will we do? And what she will say? She will say, ‘Oh, anyway, here or elsewhere, the Turks are our enemies?'”


On the other hand, some members of the Turkish community, wanting to make their voices heard to Prime Minister Trudeau. “What does he think Mr. Trudeau? Does he agree with the member of his party and a member of the Canadian Parliament? We want to live in peace and harmony in our beautiful country like Canada. Do something Mr. Trudeau!” they declared.



Notre Anatolie / Bizim Anadolu / November 05, 2020


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